What We Are About

This is a reformation moment for the church. While honoring and celebrating the past, the Spirit is calling a new church into being. The church of the future will be more relational, more diverse, more collaborative, more hopeful, and more agile. What’s next for the PC(USA)?

The mission of NEXT Church is to foster relationships among God’s people:

                        Sparking imaginations;

                                    Connecting congregations;

                                                Offering a distinctively Presbyterian witness to Jesus Christ.


            Trusting in God’s sovereignty and grace,

            NEXT Church will engage the church that is becoming by

                        Cultivating vital connections,

                                    Celebrating emerging leadership and innovation, and

                                                Working with congregations and leaders

                                                to form and reform faith communities.

What will God do with the unique gifts and graces we know as Presbyterians? In an increasingly polarized world, how can the church bear witness to our unity in Christ by forming networks among congregations with shared mission callings?

Throughout our denomination, creative leaders are developing new ministries that embody the gospel in fresh ways, serving Christ, and speaking a transforming word to contemporary culture. By connecting with one another and building networks of congregations with shared mission callings, we can expand the impact of these ministries beyond anything any one congregation can accomplish alone.


About MaryAnn

pastor, writer, haphazard knitter

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