NEXT Church went to Durham and had a great time!

Grateful for Manna

It wasn’t a strategic plan that we put into action. It was a series of mistakes that have been redeemed.

— Amanda Diekman (on Durham Church)


Caught up with old friends and made new ones. But most importantly it was great to dream and imagine through worship, fellowship and workshops how to be the NEXT church!!

— Byron Wade


Wow, what a great day! New Dublin Presbyterian Church is thankful to be a part of what’s NEXT!

— Andrew Taylor Troutman


Loved the connectional nature, and the fact that we were all brought together over more than a single issue or topic. I thought the flow of the day was great – amazing that we did all we did in just six hours!

— Steve Lindsley


I’m encouraged by what I experienced at the NEXT Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference. The future of the PC(USA) is bright. Just listen to the good word from folks such as Franklin Golden and Amanda Diekman, their heroes, and their work at Durham Presbyterian Church. I am grateful for these colleagues in ministry, for their vision and their servant hearts. These voices, among others, are a source of encouragement as we reach to the future together. Yes, God is at work!

— Mark Brainerd


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