An Advent Prayer

By Jessica TateIMG_1277

Tear open the heavens and come down, O God.
As the light dims in the cooling days
our vision turns inward.
We see the wilderness of our lives, the desert of our spirits–
the crooked priorities
the low valleys of selfishness
the mountains of consumption
the uneven ground of malnourished spirits
the places made rough with wounds we carry.
Reveal again your glory, God of the Most High,
reveal your goodness, your love, your power—
reveal your judgment tinged with grace
so that all people see it together.
Now consider, O Holy One of Israel, we are your people.
You are the potter and we are the clay,
tough but willing to be molded according to your likeness.
Consider, O Lord of Lords, we are your people.
You are the fire that baptizes us in your Holy Spirit
captive by fear but willing to be your servants.
Turn us around to go in your way–
Teach us again not to be afraid.
According to the promise made to our ancestors,
O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob:
Comfort, O comfort your people and speak tenderly to Jerusalem
for there is great pain.
Bring good news to our brokenness,
hold close those jagged places in our hearts,
speak freedom to the tension we carry,
release us from patterns that hold us captive,
Proclaim the time of your good favor
and the day of light of our God!
Tear open the heavens and come down, O God!
Jar us into wakefulness.
Though the hour is uncertain
be it evening or midnight or cockcrow or dawn
We await your glory; we are awake!
We watch, we long, we stand on tip-toes
expectantly, urgently, eager.
Tear open the heavens and come down.
Break into our lives–
we are awake!

(Advent meditations on Isaiah’s prophecy, Mary’s Song and the gospel of Mark)

IMG_8376Jessica Tate is Director of NEXT Church.


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