NEXT Church Strategy Team

Shannon Johnson Kershner (Co-Chair), Black Mountain Presbyterian
Tom Are (Co-Chair), Village Presbyterian
Andrew Foster Connors, Brown Memorial Presbyterian
MaryAnn McKibben Dana, Idylwood Presbyterian
Charlene Han Powell, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian (NYC)
Pen Peery, First Presbyterian (Charlotte, NC)
Frank Spencer, Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian
Reggie Weaver, First Presbyterian (Chicago)

NEXT Church Advisory Team

  • Tim Hart Andersen, Westminster Presbyterian (Minneapolis)
  • Christine Chakoian, Lake Forest Presbyterian (Chicago)
  • Joe Clifford, First Presbyterian (Dallas)
  • Fairfax Fair, First Presbyterian (Ann Arbor)
  • Lewis Galloway, Second Presbyterian (Indianapolis)
  • Stacy Johnson, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Carla Pratt Keyes, Ginter Park Presbyterian
  • Agnes Norfleet, Shandon Presbyterian
  • Karen Sapio, Claremont Presbyterian
  • John Wilkinson, Third Presbyterian (Rochester)

Jessica Tate, Director (revjetate@gmail.com)


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